Stay with us forever….

“But we think you should stay with us forever, Mrs. Goetz!”

I knew it was coming.  It always, always does. They get into my heart and I don’t want to leave.  When they finally say it out loud, I want to agree. “Okay, I’ll be your teacher forever!”   There is something about children that captures my heart.  All children.  As I sit in my classroom and look at their empty desks, I think about saying goodbye.  The joy that will come with returning home will be accompanied by the sorrow of separation from these wonderful kids.  I know that I will miss this very special group of children very much.

I realized today, as I sat down to do some paperwork, that I haven’t actually written much about my student teaching experience. I have been so blessed by these children that I want to share some of my experiences in the classroom with you.

I’ve just finished my seventh week, and I’m loving teaching so far.  Even when I’m tired, stressed, or upset, being in the classroom is a blessing.  It is so nice to not dread going to work.  I’m working with a very special group of eight second graders.  Six of them are Brasilian and two are MK’s originally from the States.  They have so much to offer and come to the classroom full of enthusiasm for learning.  It’s been an exciting challenge to think of creative learning experiences that don’t incorporate the technology I became familiar with in my last field experience.

Having full responsibility is incredible!  It’s been so awesome to get to try different styles of instruction with the students.  Most of them are so eager to learn– it’s fun to plan activities for them.  So far, we’ve enjoyed learning fractions with brownies, discovering compound words in Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, making and painting topographical maps, learning to write, and creating our own prayer books.  Second grade can be such fun!
In other (very exciting) news, David has been asked to be the main speaker at the Middle and High School’s Spiritual Emphasis Retreat at the end of the month, so he’s working hard to prepare 4 messages on the book of James.  He’s gotten to know all of the students, so he’s really looking forward to this awesome opportunity!

Our time in Brazil is just about half way over– we can hardly believe it!  We’re so excited to see what the next half of our time here holds.  Thank you for your prayers.  We look forward to sharing (and hearing!) stories of God’s faithfulness, mercy, and grace when we return.

We love you.

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