Another Adventure

Though it seems like we’ve barely had time to settle in, David and I are preparing to head out of the country once again! In just eleven days, we’ll be heading to France!

We are joining a team from our University on a trip to Taize, France. We’re going to be spending time at the monastery there. Taize is a destination of pilgrimages for young people all over the world. We are so excited for the opportunities that we will encounter while we’re in France. We will have the opportunity to get to know several people, both Christians and non-Christians and to share the truth of the Gospel with them. We will also have the opportunity to enter into the life of the community. I am really looking forward to the rest and structured prayer services. This certainly will be a new experience for both David and me, but we are looking forward to this adventure and all of its uncertainty.

If you’d like to learn more about the Taize community, check out their website at

Also, if you’d like to support us as we continue to raise the funds necessary, please let me know! And, as always, your prayers are appreciated as we begin this new adventure.

Check back here later in March for a description of our Trip!

One thought on “Another Adventure

  1. David and Lindsey,
    Grandpa and I couldn’t be happier that you get to still experience another culture and gain more experience. We’ll be in prayer all the while you are gone and until you are safely back in the States. Please let us know your departure date from here and from France. God bless, as I know He will. He holds you both in His hands as you go about His work for the Kingdom. Hugs…

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