Favorite Things Friday: My New Vacuum Cleaner

I have a confession to make.  A few weeks ago, my vacuum cleaner broke.  That’s right.  I said weeks. Now, to be fair, it wasn’t the vacuum cleaner’s fault.  He was built for picking up crumbs off the dining room floor, and we were expecting him to clean our whole, entire, humungous apartment. He just couldn’t take the pressure, bless his little heart.  Anyway, “clean floors” is on the list somewhere after things like “roof over our heads,” “don’t starve,” and “make it to work.”  

Though a new vacuum cleaner wasn’t high on my list of things to buy, I did a bit of research and decided that I have several problems buying vacuum cleaners:

1. They are so expensive and they seem to break so easily. 

2. They all look like toys. Come on.  “You want HOW MUCH for that? I’m pretty sure my niece has the same one.”

3. Most boring purchase EVER. 

Did I mention it’s been weeks since I vacuumed?  (disclaimer: my mother didn’t raise me like this.) 

I wish I could describe to you (and at the same time, I don’t) how disgusting the carpets were in this apartment.  We have NEVER had a proper vacuum cleaner.  That poor little wisp of a thing has been doing the heavy lifting the whole time we’ve lived here.  Needless to say, my floors were a hot mess. The other day, I got home, looked at them, and almost started crying.

Anyway, a few days ago, after messing with some numbers, we were able to fit a vacuum into the budget, and not a moment too soon. My Dad said he had read about a really good vacuum, so I looked it up.  I was a little skeptical at first, I mean, come on, It’s a vacuum for goodness sakes. But, I was swept off my feet! Seriously, this is the BEST vacuum that I’ve ever used. When David got home from work, I was surprised he didn’t want to take a turn vacuuming the house, just for fun.  

Reasons I love my new vacuum: 



2. It practically pushes itself. 

3. It looks like a toy.  It’s purple, come on! How cute is that?!

4. My floors are cleaner than they were when I moved in. 

5. Did I mention it’s purple? 

6. 5. year. warrantee.

Since your vacuum will probably break in a few years, keep the Shark Navigator Lift Away in mind, and if you ever want to try one, I’m happy to share mine. 

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