Favorite Things Friday: Baby Equipment

When I was pregnant, I spent a little bit of time HOURS AND HOURS researching baby equipment and adding it to my registry. All that work paid off– I have been extremely happy with basically all of the baby equipment we have. Since it seems like every month or so we find out another one of our friends is expecting a baby, I thought I would dedicate this Favorite Things Friday to baby equipment. Here we go:


Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Seat: I don’t know about you, but I am just not a fan of those Graco travel systems. They are huge and they are ugly. After spending a long time trying to find a pattern that didn’t make me want to throw up, I gave up and looked elsewhere, and I’m so glad I did! This car seat/stroller combo is amazing! The Mico is a very safe car seat  AND it was the lightest car seat at the store– yes, I picked them all up, you can ask my mom. Plus, they come in a huge variety of colors.

Maxi Cosi Mila Stroller: The Mila cannot be used with a baby under 6 months old, but (this is the great part) the seat comes off the frame, and the frame can be used with the car seat. We have been incredibly happy with this product. The lower basket is big enough for the diaper bag, it folds up in a snap, and doesn’t take up much room at all. It also comes with a weather cover, although why you’d take your kid out for a walk in inclement weather is beyond me.

Ickady Bag Diaper Bag: This one is from Etsy and it might be my favorite piece of baby equipment. Again, I’m not sure why manufacturers of diaper bags think that all moms like to carry ugly plastic bags with obnoxious patterns on them, but I just wasn’t feeling it. This diaper bag is the perfect mix of style and function: it is sturdy, roomy, and has a nice adjustable strap and shorter handles. It has ample pockets for organization and it’s very well made. I highly recommend this shop for diaper bags, purses, or overnight bags.

Halo Sleep Sack: We got one of these for free at the hospital, and it’s AMAZING. I recommend getting at least 2 in case midnight projectile vomit strikes. They come in fleece and cotton, and the velcro swaddle wings are super helpful if you’re swaddle challenged, like I am.

Medela Harmony: Since I stay home with Ellie, I decided to opt-out of the $300 breast pump and got this one instead. If you stay at home and plan to pump once per day or less, I highly recommend it. It’s efficient and cheap, and Medela customer service is great.

Boon System: This cute little guy is great for drying bottles and pump parts and it’s cute to boot. Additionally, it’s cheaper than you would expect!

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