when you kind of wonder what you were thinking.

You know that feeling I’m talking about? When you kind of feel like you did when you were a kid and you jumped into a pool? That feeling of regret for a second when you’re in the air before your feet hit the water and you don’t know exactly how warm or how cold the water might be? When you have that sudden sinking feeling that you might not actually know how to swim? That maybe you forgot it all between the last time you got in the water and now?




In the morning, I’m going to load my sweet family into the car and we’re going to drive to a conference where I’m going to learn how to teach women about having babies.  We’re going to sleep in a hotel room with a baby who just started sleeping through the night again, we’re going to heat all our dinners up in the microwave and eat tons of pb&j.  We’re going to spend each day from 8:30am-10pm learning, learning, learning.  I’m terrified, but I kind of love it.  Please pray for us. We’re looking at 4 FULL days. After that, it’ll just be about 3 more months of homework and then I’ll have my provisional certification.  I can’t thank you enough for the ways so many of you have invested in this adventure.  We treasure you.

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