The View Around Here

So, with each pregnancy I’ve debated maternity photos and newborn photos, and with each pregnancy I’ve ended up making the same decision: skip the maternity photos and don’t skip the newborn photos. So far, I haven’t been disappointed with my decision. Note to self: tiny sweet baby is always cuter than me+40 lbs.

I don’t have anything against maternity photos, and if we had an unlimited budget, I’d almost definitely spring for both.  But, stay at home mom+student loans+pastor husband= money is tiiiiight around these parts, so deciding to do any pictures at all is definitely a splurge.  And since I know we primarily get the pictures done because I want them, I struggle with the decision.  But so far, I haven’t regretted it. I LOOOVE looking at pictures. I love getting pictures taken. I was a huge cheap-o in every other area of our wedding, but for the pictures, I was willing to pay (a little bit) more.  I love having those moments captured forever.  Our house is decorated with pictures of big and little moments from our lives together, and I love it. I love that I walk by a picture of us holding a newborn Ellie every morning as I’m responding to “Ohhhhhhh Mommy! I AWAKE! AWAKE!”  I love that every night before I go to bed, I am taken back, for a brief moment, to a short walk with the man I love on the day we said “I Do.” I love that the wall next to Ellie’s crib boasts pictures of us and her, a reminder for her that she’s valuable to us. I love that we now have some great shots of Phoebe that we can add to the wall next to her crib.

I also think I have mentioned (at least) once before that I really like our new place.  It truly felt like the Lord provided it for us at just the right time, and it’s a cozy space with enough room for our growing family.  We love it. David’s mom also was super sweet to give us a generous housewarming gift that we used to decorate a little bit, since our previous apartment was the size of a breadbox and most of our furniture was pulled from a dumpster.  We still kept some of the dumpster furniture, shopped my parent’s basement, and a lot of our stuff is from various thrift stores, but I really love the way it’s shaping up.

We had Ellie’s newborn photos done by Alyssa, a Trinity student David met when he was helping to lead a freshman leadership program.  She’s so sweet and patient, and she takes beautiful pictures. I didn’t even want to consider anyone else when we were deciding whether or not to do pictures this time. She has since graduated, got married, and has another full time job, but she still traveled to our new home and spent 2.5 hours with us, patiently hanging out and taking pictures when opportunities presented themselves.  We are so glad to have these reminders of our family, and our home during this season, too. I’m excited to finally share a few with you.

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