DIY Showoff

So, in accordance with my new year’s resolution, I’ve been finishing more stuff around here, and I’m going to take a few minutes to show it off.

First up is our gallery wall. Which, you know, is a requirement if you’re a twentysomething, DIY-happy white girl. Don’t believe me? Go look up gallery walls on Pinterest. There. I did it for you. I’ll wait.

I am all of those things. I also love being cliché. I’m serious. I find an odd sort of comfort in it that can only be explained by being the only one of my friends who never saw Anastasia, The Lion King, or Titanic, and the way I had to quick-learn a bunch of 90’s music when I started college so that I would be able to sing along at the dances. Because at Trinity, dances are for standing in a circle and screaming Hanson lyrics at each other. And, you know, I didn’t want to miss out.

So, anyway, here’s my gallery wall. Almost an entire year in the making. Picture frames courtesy of various thrift stores and flea markets, awesome window courtesy of an antique store in Christmas, Michigan that was SO full of stuff and SO overpriced that I laughed my way through it, gripping my toddler’s hand and praying my almost full-term pregnant belly wouldn’t knock anything over.  The window was a steal at $10, because apparently Three Buildings Full of Overpriced Garbage Tom hasn’t heard of Pinterest or gallery walls. Thanks, Tom. I’ll take it.

Several of the frames have our family photos in them, for now, one just has a piece of fabric, the yellow one actually came with that adorable drawing in it from the THRIFT STORE, and that heart print is courtesy of IKEA. The giant “G” is courtesy of the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby. I’ll probably make a few adjustments here and there, but for now, I feel like it’s a pretty good start.

My other recent project was one of Eliana’s birthday gifts.  Ellie gets tickled pink by kid-sized anything, so we decided to get her a kid-sized table and chairs. After way too many hours of research and browsing craigslist to see if anyone happened to be giving away a Pottery Barn table and chairs, we settled on the IKEA LATT, and I prettied it up a bit.  The internet is full of tutorials for making the LATT adorable (and the seats a little more comfy), so I feel like it would be pretty redundant of me to post a tutorial, but I still want to show off the finished product.

We put the table together after we put Eliana to bed, and she saw it when she woke up on her birthday. Fortunately, the camera was rolling and we have an adorable video of her saying “Thank you, Momma! Thank you!” over and over again when she first lays eyes on it.  I chose colors that would go both in the playroom and out in our main area, so we can move the table back and forth, which has turned out to be great because Ellie likes moving the table & chairs around almost as much as she likes using it.

One of Eliana’s other favorite gifts turned out to be my sister’s broken Macbook.  Obviously.

I’m hoping to post a little more about her second birthday soon, including a few pictures of the birthday girl herself and some adorable (if I do say so myself) felt donuts.  But for now, I’ll leave you with this one of Eliana working in her “office.”


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