with child: god sustains us

Today I am so excited to turn writing over to Chrissy.  Chrissy and her husband are friends from college that we had the gift of living near as we each began our families. Her little guy, Charlie, has a killer smile, and was Eliana’s first friend.  Chrissy is a sweet friend that I have been so grateful to journey into motherhood with. The way that Chrissy cares for people, encourages them, and opens her lives to them is a beautiful picture of the Gospel. I hope that you will be encouraged as she shares the story of how she became Charlie’s momma. 


My journey into motherhood was not easy. In fact it was extremely difficult. However, the Lord has been faithful through all of it. The path to becoming a mom was much different than I had planned but God’s grace covered the entire experience.

One of the best ways we can support one another as moms is to be honest and authentic with one another.  I promise to do that while I share my story.

I am MOM to one special little boy and his name is Charlie. The story began in March of 2012 when I woke up with incredible abdominal pain that left me lying on the floor curled up in a ball in tears.  We didn’t know what the pain was but it passed after a few hours.  The pain returned a few months later and we discovered that it was likely that I had endometriosis. We were told that it would be very difficult, if not impossible to get pregnant. We were crushed. As women we never plan on having any difficulty conceiving. In fact we naively tell others how many children we plan on having.  I always said I wanted four so everyone had a partner for the roller-coaster. We were told to continue to try to get pregnant for another year and if we couldn’t we’d have to look into other options.  Months passed without success.

One early morning in February of 2013 I took a pregnancy test and the word PREGNANT popped up on a stick. I had prayed for years that I would have the opportunity to read that one special word. I ran up the stairs to wake my husband up with the exciting news that we were going to have a baby. We shared the news with our families and friends that had been praying for us for such a long time.

I experienced some strange symptoms a few weeks later and was asked to go in for blood work. We got the results at our first appointment with our doctor. We were told that the levels were very low and that I had likely miscarried. The doctor began to discuss the plans for a D&C and sent us over to the hospital for an ultrasound to confirm the miscarriage. She said that we would not be able to hear a heartbeat. I was heartbroken. At an appointment that was supposed to cover topics like food, exercises, and the stages of pregnancy we were told that we had lost our baby that we had so desperately tried and prayed for.

We drove to the hospital and tried to process the weight of the news. I cried as we entered the ultrasound room and prepared for the worst. God blessed us with the kindest technician you can imagine. She turned on the machine and turned up the sound and we listened to the sweetest sound we had ever heard. Our baby’s heartbeat. It was healthy and strong.

We both broke down in tears and couldn’t believe the news. We spoke to the doctor soon after and she placed me on progesterone supplements to improve my hormone levels. We prayed and hoped that the numbers would rise quickly enough to sustain the pregnancy. We celebrated as we received news from the doctors that the supplements were working. I was blessed to have a pretty smooth pregnancy from that point, aside from the back aches and nausea. We excitedly prepared the baby’s room and signed up for our birthing class. Our plan was do a completely natural and drug-free delivery! We did everything we could to prepare for the arrival of our little guy.

Towards the end of my pregnancy we started going in for our weekly appointments and everything seemed to be developing well. At our 37 week appointment they took my blood pressure and discovered it had spiked and and they diagnosed me with preeclampsia. They sent me to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital the number continued to rise. They checked me in attempted to induce labor for the next three days. The scariest moment occurred when they wrapped sheets around my bed and put me on seizure watch.


We made the very difficult choice to proceed with a c-section to ensure the baby’s safety and my own. I struggled a lot after I came home. I grieved my labor experience with dear friends and I cried as my body failed to recover. My blood pressure remained high and my body ached as it healed from surgery. I had a hard time relating to other friends who had more natural deliveries and recoveries. My son is now almost 18 months old and I am still on blood pressure medicine and have had heart issues because of the preeclampsia. To be honest, some days have left me feeling frustrated. However, I have never felt more in need of the strength of my Savior in the midst of my weakness. His comfort and love have sustained me on many days. He has provided a wonderful support system and a patient husband who have walked through pregnancy and motherhood with me.

Most of all I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to become a mom. During the c-section the doctor discovered significant scarring from the endometriosis and said he had no idea how I was able to get pregnant. We did. God had intervened and provided this amazing little miracle.


Being a mom to Charlie brings more joy than anything I could have ever imagined. We don’t know what our future holds and whether or not we will be able have more children but we do know that we can have faith in the fact that God will provide what we need and we can confidently trust him. Our family may look a little different than I had planned, and I want to encourage other women and families that may be experiencing this type of news. Our plans are not our own and God’s plans are always better.

**Chrissy lives in Florida with her husband Kale and her adorable son Charlie. She enjoys spending time with her family, meeting new people, and exploring new places.

One thought on “with child: god sustains us

  1. What a beautiful story! I’m sorry to hear of your continued blood pressure/heart issues, but so happy for you in regards to the awesomeness of your pregnancy and birth! God is good, ALL the time. And that has been learned over time, with three healthy children and at least three miscarriages. XO

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