Favorite Things… Friday?

Ok, so I realize it’s Saturday, but I’m the boss around here, right? I meant to have this done on Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday.   But, well, I have a six month old.  Well, now it’s Tuesday, but, like I said, this is my blog and I can do what I want, right?

This week I…

Read this. post. and cried, obviously: “I’m not telling you to not look at women. Just the opposite. I’m telling you to see women. Really see them. Not just with your eyes, but with your heart.” 

Drooled over these, but ate this instead. Purely because it was easier, and I was crafting, people. It was good, but not as delicious as the cheesecake bars, I’m sure.

Sewed these for Ellie Jo’s crib.

Came across this awesome idea at this wonderful adoption blog.

Have been listening to this.

And watched waaaay too many episodes of Parks and Rec.

Favorite Things Friday

This afternoon, while I was sitting in my cube, eating a strawberry, I decided that I would start something called “Favorite Things Friday.”  I’ve just made it up, so I get to include whatever favorite thing I’m enjoying at the time.  Music. Books. Recipes. Hair Products. Kitchen Appliances. Etc. I can think of no better way to kick off Favorite Things Friday than with some FREE MUSIC by a duo that is very close to my heart.

Meet Jenny & Tyler

I started listening to Jenny & Tyler about 2 years ago.  They agreed to come play a few shows at our college, and I fell in love with them and their music.  Over the last two years they have not only been a favorite band, but they have also become friends.  Em and I recently had the chance to hang out with them in Nashville.  Soon, they will be releasing a new album, and rumor is it’s going to be WONDERFUL.  In anticipation of this release, they’re GIVING AWAY their most recent album, Faint Not and it is PURE. GOLD.  You can get their CD at this link: http://bit.ly/wpvPx5.

In addition to that, they’ve covered Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence,” and it’s available on iTunes. This cover is also PURE GOLD, and all proceeds go to fight human trafficking. you can get “The Sound of Silence” here: http://bit.ly/xLV8X4.

As long as I’m going link crazy, you can check out their website here: http://jennyandtylermusic.com.

Go treat yourself to some honest, refreshing, encouraging music written by two godly, passionate people. Go. Treat Yourself. Thank me later.

Happy Favorite Things Friday.